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Steve Dunwoody is a candidate for the U.S. Congress in Michigan’s 14th Congressional District.  Steve believes that at this pivotal time in our history, Metro Detroiters need someone who will work to be a strong partner for our local communities, and fight to get the help our families need from Washington DC.

Steve Dunwoody was born and raised in Detroit the son of union autoworkers; he graduated from Henry Ford High School.  Steve’s grandmother, worked as a teacher in both the Detroit and Southfield public schools. His family didn’t have much growing up, but they taught him the value of hard work, setting a good example and the importance of a good education. Trouble paying the high costs of college tuition led Steve to enlist in the Michigan Air National Guard. Serving under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy still in place at the time, Steve was deployed to Iraq in 2005. He successfully managed finances for construction projects there and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal. Steve was also recognized as one of the "Most Outstanding Airmen" serving in the Middle East.

After graduating from Kent State University, Steve returned to Michigan. In 2007, he attended an event in Detroit where then-US Senator Barack Obama was speaking. Inspired by his call for change, Steve immediately packed his bags and headed off to campaign for him in Iowa.  Following Obama's upset win there, he then traveled to eleven more states, working with voters in urban, rural and suburban communities across the country. He completed the campaign in Michigan, helping to direct outreach to the Faith, Veterans, Asian-American, Jewish and Latino communities of Metro Detroit.

Following the campaign, Dunwoody worked with President Obama during his first Administration. Steve helped to push legislation to streamline the budget at the Department of Defense, coordinate foreign policy at the White House and while at the Department of Energy, helped to create a program to hire Veterans for jobs in the energy sector. Steve’s time in the Administration created valuable relationships with key players in a host of agencies. When the legislative process is blocked by the Republicans in Congress, he’ll be able to use those relationships and continue pushing a strong agenda for Michigan.  

Steve returned home during the most pivotal time in Metro Detroit’s history and has been actively engaging community leaders, elected officials and residents about what our needs are. Having family throughout Metro Detroit, Steve understands the different challenges our local communities face. He believes that we need to unify across dividing lines to address our common challenges, and find the democratic and community-based solutions, that as Congressman Dunwoody, he’ll fight to get the resources for in Washington, DC.


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